Want to know one of the biggest secrets in dressing well?

Wear colors that compliment your skin tone.

Your skin tone plays a significant role in what looks good on you. While bright colors work for people with darker skin tones, they don’t work for as much for the people the lighter ones. Per skin tone, we will go over what colors work, what colors to avoid and how you should build a wardrobe.


The Light Skin Tone

Dark colors like brown, gray, navy, and black work the best for this skin tone. The difference between the light skin and the dark colors create a contrast, which compliments the skin and makes it stand out.

Contrast is an important factor in dressing well. It creates a balance by combining light and dark, which results in a neutral look that is easy on the eyes.

Bright and light colors have a different effect than the darker colors. There is no contrast between light skin and light colors, which makes you look extremely pale. And unless you are a style expert, you should stay away from a bright red. Light skin plus a bright red is not easy on the eyes at all

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear bright colors, you just need to be smart about it!

Match bright with dark colors to create contrast in your outfit. Go for black jeans with a colorful shirt or wear a colorful accessories with an outfit.

Your wardrobe should consist of mostly dark colors and a couple of colorful pieces. Go for colorful tops instead of jeans and pants because they are easier to wear. Your accessories can be more exciting. For example, these socks can give your outfit a playful edge.


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The Olive Skin Tone

The medium skin tone works with both lighter and darker colors. The contrast between the medium skin and the lighter/darker colors create a natural look. Darker colors tend to look the best on this skin tone, especially navy and dark grey. Compared to the light skin tone there is a wider range of colors that will create a natural look.

The main rule in dressing for this skin tone is to avoid the mid-colors. Because of the lack of contrast between medium skin and mid-colors. So, instead of wearing regular blue, wear navy or baby blue. Also, watch out for colors like sand and mustard as their color is close to the skin. A basic outfit for this skin tone could be navy chinos with a white t-shirt.

Your wardrobe should consist of a combination of both dark and light colors. Stick to mostly dark colors if you want a basic look.

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The Dark Skin Tone


A dark skin enables you to wear almost every color, but there are a couple of exceptions. You might read that navy and black are essential in every men’s wardrobe but try to keep these to a minimum because your skin can handle more vivid colors. Bright colors compliment this skin the most. Especially colors like bright yellow, orange, and pink. These bright colors will work the best when matched with a darker color.

The one color to avoid is brown. That is because of the lack of contrast between brown and a dark skin.

For this skin tone, build a wardrobe that features bright and colorful tops, with more traditional colors pants and shoes. This way you can show off your skin in those bright colors while still keeping contrast in the outfit.


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Remember: use this advice as a guideline rather than the rules. If you feel comfortable wearing bright red, you should! Just understand that contrast in an important aspect of dressing well. And once you understand it, it makes picking an outfit a lot easier.

So remember to:

  1. Avoid colors close to your skin tone
  2. Create contrast in your outfit by mixing lighter and darker colors
  3. If in-between skin tones, try both and see what works best

And as a last tip: Take note of the colors you are wearing when somebody compliments you. Those colors suit you well and include them more in your wardrobe.


What color gets you the most compliments? Let me know in the comments!


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