It’s the time of year where we can wear our sunglasses again


Where sunglasses started as a way to protect our eyes from the sun, they turned into an unmissable fashion accessory. Your outfit just isn’t complete without a pair of shades. And while some people love their Ray-Bans, others like cheaper sunglasses and have about 20 of them. It really doesn’t matter which one you prefer, just make sure that they fit you well.

But how do you find sunglasses that fit well?

A lot of men wonder the same thing. And in this guide, I will teach you how to find the perfect pair.

Before we start, there are some things that you need to know. To find out what sunglasses fit you well, you need to now the shape of your face. Just like body types, there are face shapes. And based on your face shape, some sunglasses will look good on you and some won’t. Once you understand this, you will be able to buy a new pair with ease.

There are a lot of different face shapes, and we will discuss 3 of them:

– The Oval Face
– The Round Face
– The Square Face


The Oval Face

The oval face is the most common face in the world. It is longer than it is wide and the chin is narrower than the forehead. And because it is most common, it is seen as normal to have this shape.

Because there is a good balance between the length and the width of your face, there is no need to wear specific sunglasses to make it look wider or longer. You can wear rectangular, square, round and oval sunglasses and they will look good on you!

Stick to shades that are about the same width as your face, not too big or too small.


Celebrities with an oval face:

Francisco Lachowski

Will Smith

Adam Levine


Sunglasses that work well for this face shape:

Sunglasses with Brown to Clear Fade – ASOS

Ray Ban Clubmaster – PacSun

Spitfire Round Sunglasses – ASOS



The Round Face


The round face is about the same size in length and width and has a round shape. For this face type, the goal is to make it look like an oval shape, the ‘normal’ shape.

To do that, you have to stick to square and rectangular sunglasses. These sunglasses will make your face look less round and more oval shaped.

Avoid round sunglasses as they will make your face look even rounder.


Celebrities with a round face:


Elijah Wood

Niall Horan

Sunglasses that work well for this face shape:

Han Timeless Sunglasses – End Clothing



The Square Face


The square face is sharp with a strong jawline. Most of the times it has a big forehead and a square chin. Just like the round face, the goal is to make it look like the oval shape.

To do that you have to stick to round and oval sunglasses. They will make your face look less square and more oval shaped.

Try to avoid square and rectangular sunglasses.


Celebrities with a square face:


David Beckham


Orlando Bloom


Justin Timberlake

Sunglasses that work well for this face shape:

Paloma Sunglasses – END Clothing

RAEN Remmy 49 Sunglasses – PacSun

Round Sunglasses In Black – ASOS


If you apply these rules, you will be able to find the perfect pair of shades without breaking a sweat! It also makes shopping online a lot easier. You can now find your perfect pair without having to try them on.


If you want to know more about the other face shapes or need more help to find your face shape? Check out this post on Bespoke Unit!


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