Have you ever wondered how you could dress like the models in the magazines?

You are not the only one!

A lot of men struggle with dressing well. They try to recreate the looks that they see on models without checking if it works for them. That suit looks good on Justin Timberlake, but does it work for you?

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So how do you check if something works for you?

There are rules that are here to help you, let’s call them the basic fashion rules. These rules are a big help if you want to dress better and spend less time picking outfits. An important rule is: Dress for Your Skin Tone. Skin tone plays a powerful factor if something looks good on you or not,

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Applying this rule can make a huge difference in how you dress. For those who are interested in the other rules, don’t worry. We will go over all the rules in the Men’s Style Guide.

Because clothes play a big part in today’s society, we spend a lot of money to make sure we look good. A lot of people believe that style is about wearing expensive clothes. We look at fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and fashion shows tell us about the latest trends, share how-to guides on dressing better. They are all full of promotion from the big brands who try to convince you that you need to buy their product to look good and be confident. But nothing is further than the truth, having “style” has nothing to do with the amount of money you spend on clothing.


Style is showing your personality through colors, patterns, designs.


Men’s Style Guide will help you to develop that style so you can dress better and feel confident.

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